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Best Reads of 2014

Flare Magazine

  • "You'll be rewarded with the sense that the self is a miraculous catastrophe... ...[Know the Night is] riveting, breathtaking..."

Psychology Today

  • "… one of the most idiosyncratic memoirs I’ve ever read… superb writing and linguistic flair…"

Globe & Mail

  • "... a beautiful, singular book."

Leslie Jamison

  • author of The Empathy Exams
    "This memoir finds a candid, capacious language--always curious often stunning--for the states of mystery and wonder at its core."

Roxana Robinson

  • author of Sparta
    "Mutch creates a beautiful and haunting narrative about solitude, darkness, and the coming of the light."

The National Post

  • "Mutch's prose is electric..."

Halifax Chronicle Herald

  • "Know the Night appears like an aurora borealis in the book firmament."

Alison Wearing

  • author of Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter
    "For anyone who has ever walked the night with their child or their fragile self, there is company here."

Kelle Groom

  • author of I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl
    "This book is full of hope, light, and companionship for surviving the small hours of the night."

Lynn Kern Koegel, PhD.

  • author of Overcoming Autism
    "It should be required reading for anyone who works with a child with disabilities and recommended reading for everyone else. Know the Night is such a literary gift."

Library Journal

  • "In-house enthusiasm for this affecting, lyrical tale."

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